Panel on the topic of "Lifelong Learning" The HR Management Congress is the flagship event for HR in Germany. Top-class speakers, controversial discussions, interactive formats, numerous best...





Winterforum der Lehre 2021

Zum Winterforum der Lehre sind alle eingeladen, die an der Universität lehren und miteinander darüber reden wollen. In Vorträgen, Demonstrationen, Diskussionen und Workshops besteht die...




TUM Institute for LifeLong Learning

The opening event marks the start of a year of lifelong learning.

You can expect a diverse and exciting program that includes contributions from our President, Prof. Dr. Thomas Hofmann, and the Bavarian State Minister for Science and Art as well as from other high-ranked personalities from the fields of business, science, and culture.


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TUM Institute for LifeLong Learning

Our working and professional world is currently changing more dynamically than ever before, confronting experts and managers with new challenges. In this context, the support of experts and executives from all areas of society is indispensable in meeting the challenges of the 21st century, both currently during the pandemic, but also in the future. With our further education offerings, we fulfill our responsibility as a university to promote social advancement.

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Scientific event series "Future³"

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